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RS0 Label bar code printing detection system

The all-in-one label and barcode printing and detection machine , also known as label defect detection system, barcode anti-duplication printing system, barcode printing online detection system, etc., is a label detection system designed for various types of label printers.

1. Detect while printing, "integrating" with the printer;

2. It is a comprehensive detection system that combines software and hardware with "machine vision algorithm" as the core;

3. Replace manual work and detect label printing quality defects, OCR recognition, barcode readability, etc.;

4. 100% detect the printing quality of labels.

Product introduction

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1. Introduction to main functions

1. Print quality inspection

• Printing defects caused by ribbon wrinkles, broken needles, etc.

• Missing prints, distortions, etc. caused by mechanisms

2. Determination of barcode readability

One-dimensional code/two-dimensional code reading, readability judgment based on ISO standards

3. Data statistics

Real-time calculation of tag quantity, pass rate and other indicators

4. Content comparison

• Database duplication checking

• Text template comparison, graphic template comparison

5. Detection of dirt and foreign matter

Detect dirt and foreign objects in non-printing areas

6. OCR character recognition

Character recognition of numbers, letters, symbols, etc.

7. Serialization

Detect and identify the serialization of tags


2. Technical characteristics

 100% full detection From the first label to the last label, all labels are 100% fully detected, and no label content will be lost.

◼Compatible  with labels with different label widths from a minimum of 3.5mm to a maximum of 108mm. As long as the printer can print, the system can detect it

◼Compatible  with print mode detection without sacrificing printer functions, and supports printer rewind printing mode

  Match the printing speed and print at the same time, and perform real-time detection without slowing down the printing speed. It supports the printer to detect at the same time while printing at the highest speed.

◼Easy  to install Breakthrough software and hardware technology integrates the synchronizer and electric eye functions into a chip, and the integrated installation with the printer can be completed in 10 minutes

◼Multiple  data verification methods support a variety of data verification rules: duplicate codes, missing codes, multiple codes, database comparison, date and time confirmation, serial number verification, etc.

◼Multiple  alarm methods provide a variety of alarm notification methods, including: printer pause, alarm light flashing, software screen reminder or other customized notifications

◼Picture  storage and detection can also save labels as pictures in a 1:1 distortion-free manner to prevent counterfeiting and tampering.


3. Application fields

  3C electronic products

• Ensure that the labels of all components on each 3C product are compliant, and data such as barcodes can be accurately read at any link;

◼Medical  devices, medical materials and biopharmaceuticals

• Ensure that the label of each pharmaceutical product complies with UDI and other relevant policy requirements, so that the entire process is traceable;

◼Cars  and accessories

• Ensure that each label complies with the requirements of the automotive industry chain and will not cause product recalls due to labeling errors;

◼New  energy and new materials

• Ensure that the label complies with the customs regulations of the importing country, and no huge losses will be caused by labeling errors during the inspection process at all stages of export.

Product Video
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