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Sunmenta automatic AOI Machine SMT Inspection System SVII-K100 for 736*736mm stencil testing
Product introduction

1. Purpose of use

Improve production efficiency and yield
Standardization of stencil management

2. Main features

High precision, fast speed, simple operation

3. Main functions

Area, position, size, offset, foreign body, hole clogging, missing hole, multi holde, burr,tension

4. Extended functions

Cooperate with customers' factory production information management system (MES)


Product Advantage

1,Solve the problem of incoming and cleaning stencils

2,Establish stencil control standards and improve the production management system

3,Automatic inspection instead of manual inspection, improve product quality and enhance product competitiveness

4,Solve excess solder, insufficient solder, welding without stopping and other printing problems from the source

5,The 01005 component and even more smaller component are widely used in the production now, high precision inspect is in line with future development trends

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