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Company introduction

Ondegal is a high-tech company in Shenzhen that integrates software and hardware development, sales and service, Serve Huawei, BYD, Midea, Haier, Dajiang and many other enterprises.

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Shenzhen ondegao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

Ondergao established a team in 2008 and is a Shenzhen high-tech company integrating software and hardware R&D, integration and service.

Ondegao has established a nationwide sales and service network, and has long-term technical exchanges and cooperation with Japan, Europe, the United States, India, Southeast Asia and other countries. After years of innovation, we have provided reliable products in visual inspection, temperature measurement, cleaning and other fields, and are involved in many fields such as SMT, automobile manufacturing, chip manufacturing, and semiconductors. It has strong design and development capabilities and professional technology, craftsmanship and other related supporting cooperative enterprises. It has rich experience and technology in new product development, new process solutions, and the design and manufacturing of non-standard testing equipment. We also engage in school-enterprise cooperation with many universities to keep technology constantly updated.

In 2013, Shenzhen Ondegao Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially established and successfully sold a new generation of furnace temperature tester . Among them, temperature measurement and heat insulation technologies have reached the world's advanced level, making it the world's leading company in sales of furnace temperature testers.

In 2014, it began to develop and sell cleaning machines, such as stencil cleaning machines , jig cleaning machines, scraper cleaning machines, etc., and is far ahead in the field of pneumatic stencil cleaning machines.

In 2015, the software development division was established. We solved the problem of repeated codes, wrong codes, missing codes, unrecognizable codes and other abnormal codes that could not be solved in time when printing barcodes. We successfully launched the world's first RS0 barcode anti-duplicate code online detection system, 100 % detection, 0 errors; and based on this innovation and progress, we launched a series of barcode anti-duplication products. 

In 2018, we successfully launched a fully automatic taping machine that can distinguish direction, positive and negative, with an accuracy of 99%.

Ondergaard upholds the values of integrity to others and ourselves, continuous climbing, and gratitude; it is committed to building a world-class brand with a climbing spirit and innovation, and contributing to the progress and development of mankind and society. We sincerely hope to communicate, learn, mutually benefit, and work closely with more domestic and foreign companies to create brilliance together.