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After-sale service

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Service overview


Direct selling operation

Compared with the traditional sales style, ondgo electronic technology adopts the direct sales business model, which saves the intermediate dealers and agents, and the customers communicate directly with the internal sales engineers of Danone.

Our engineers have received professional technical training, with a wide range of product knowledge and rich application industry experience. You can get on-site technical support to solve application problems and save valuable time.

Service method


Warranty period

From the date of purchase (with the purchase invoice), ondgo products are guaranteed free of charge for one year. If there is no purchase certificate, the warranty shall be free of charge for one year from the seventh day after the delivery date of the product (except for the following situations: improper use or artificial damage, collision damage, falling damage and other damages not caused by the quality problems of the product itself).

Warranty method

In case of failure of the machine, it can be directly handed over to the customer service center of the company for warranty. If there is no customer service center of ondega electronic technology in the user's location, please contact after-sales personnel and return to the factory for maintenance under the guidance of after-sales. After receiving the repair machine, our company will repair it and return it to the customer within 5 working days (depending on the ease of repair).

Out-of-Warranty Period

In case of any fault beyond the warranty period, you can directly contact the sales representative to solve it. The maintenance cost depends on the signed maintenance contract.