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Main business: furnace temperature tester, intelligent barcode management system, non-standard automation, SMT one-stop equipment procurement service, etc

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Furnace temperature tester

Furnace temperature tester, also known as furnace temperature curve tester and furnace temperature tracker, is used to measure the ambient temperature of reflow welding, wave soldering, oven, etc., to monitor the temperature curve change and provide the process level, which is widely used in electronic industry, industrial coating, food processing, solar photovoltaic, etc

Intelligent barcode management system

Intelligent barcode management system, mainly including barcode printing software, rs0 barcode printing online detection system, offline barcode detector, assembly line barcode online detection system, warehouse management system, barcode anti weight system, etc

Automation solutions

Ltd. was founded in 2013. It is a high-tech company in Shenzhen, which integrates software and hardware development, sales and service. After years of climbing and innovation, we provide reliable products in temperature measurement, SMT detection, label anti weight, automation and other fields.