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RS0-DLabel printing software


Label printing software is mainly used for the design and printing of raw material label, semi-finished product label, finished product label, outsourcing product label, serial number label and outer box label. The label format and filter conditions can be customized. The printed content can read ERP data directly and the printed result can be written back to ERP system to realize seamless docking. It supports the import / export of data through Excel format, and labels can be realized Anti duplication, supplementary printing, authority control of historical data query.

Characteristics of label printing software:

1. Support general printer (color ink jet or laser printer), label printer, digital printer and industrial printer.

2. Print permission function. You can set the operation permission that can't modify the label but can only print.

3. Support label template management, convenient for customers to manage label files;

4. Support more than 40 kinds of one-dimensional barcode and two-digit barcode: common one-dimensional barcode types include EAN-13, EAN13, upa-a, code39, code128, 25, etc.; common two-dimensional barcode types include PDF417, DataMatrix, QR code, etc;

5. Support the connection of database and have the function of simultaneous connection of multiple databases;

6. It supports mixed arrangement of text, barcode and image, simple operation, and multiple auxiliary line options; data source supports users to connect any database through customization;

7. The WYSIWYG visual design mode supports drawing graphics: text, picture, barcode, line, curve, rectangle, filled rectangle, diamond, polygon, etc;

8. Support serial number text (10 base, 16 base, 32 base);

9. Supports batch printing of serial barcode (10 base, 16 base, 32 base);

10. It supports header and footer printing. You can specify text, graphics, and multiple graphics files as headers;

11. It supports the functions of printing border, cutting tangent and cutting point to assist the cutting of label products; users can set their favorite software environment and ruler color;

12. It supports the functions of case conversion, decimal places retention, and amount conversion;

13. It supports the generation and printing of corresponding quantity labels according to the "quantity value" set in the database field.