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The company has established a nationwide sales channel and service network, With a number of professional sales and support personnel to provide customers with comprehensive and systematic services. The company has set up sales offices in China, and its products and services have been extended to more than 20 countries and regions overseas. By continuously improving the four sales platforms of domestic agents, distributors, overseas distribution and enterprise network distribution, Strengthen efforts to develop domestic and foreign markets, and provide customers with all-round Higher value, more professional solutions and services.

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Please send your resume or work to: sales@rambert.net
position Working place hiring Due date

Sales Engineer Shenzhen Futian District 10 2020-09-27

operating duty:

1. Responsible for completing the monthly and annual sales tasks assigned by the company, and do a good job in collection;

2. Strictly implement the sales visit plan and carry out the marketing work according to the company's plan;

3. Establish and improve customer data files and submit sales reports on time;

4. Evaluate the order status of customers every month, submit the application for goods preparation on time, and ensure the normal supply;

5. Visit old customers regularly to maintain good customer situation, review the price of customer materials regularly, and improve customer satisfaction;

6. Actively participate in the company's product and other related training, and obey the company's rules and regulations;

7. Other temporary work arranged by the immediate superior.

Job requirements:

1. Above 20 years old, bachelor degree or above;

2. Welcome the majority of fresh graduates to join;

3. Fluent oral English;

4. Outgoing, friendly, honest and diligent, good at communication, able to work under pressure.

WINApplication software development engineer Shenzhen Futian District 3 2018-07-27

operating duty:

1. Win application software development, ui software interface design;

2. Be responsible for technical support, continuous optimization and maintenance improvement of software secondary development;

3. According to the requirements of product development procedures, participate in the software related demand analysis, system design, debugging, testing and other related work;

4. Complete the compilation of relevant software technical documents, standardize the sorting and filing;

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in software engineering, communication, computer, electronic engineering, etc;

2. Familiar with. Net framework and C, with WinForm / WPF development experience.

3. Be familiar with at least one database, such as SQL server, SQLite, Oracle and MYSQL, and the standardized software development process;

4. It is preferred to have upper computer software developer of windows system in automation industry.