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TSC On line detection system of printer anti weight code

Bar code label, as an identity mark of products, is applied more and more widely. However, with the increase of usage, in the process of printing bar code serial number, the label of printing duplicate number occasionally appears, which will cause great confusion in the process of production and management of products, and will receive serious customer complaints and rework, with high error cost.

At present, in addition to the reasons of human or software settings, there is also an unavoidable reason for the occurrence of duplicate printing in the automatic printing process of the printer, especially when the label paper is used up, or the carbon tape is used up, and the media is changed. This phenomenon cannot be avoided by effective means. Then I We can only automatically scan the printed barcode labels one by one, and judge whether the printed barcode number has the problem of duplicate code, missing code or wrong code by real-time comparison with the central database. If a section is found, stop printing in time to avoid the wrong barcode labels flowing into the production line.

The best solution to prevent duplicate barcode printing is available in the market. TSC printer can install fixed high-speed scanner at the front of the printer, combine with online printing anti duplicate code software, real-time scanning, 100% full inspection.

Rs0 bar code printing online anti repetition and error detection system:

It is mainly used to detect whether the printed barcode can be scanned, whether there are multiple bad phenomena such as duplicate code, missing code, less code, wrong number, skip number, over range, etc. Realize barcode printing and detection automation, improve label printing quality and efficiency, reduce barcode label printing errors, and avoid product delivery errors.

Features of rs0 barcode printing online detection system:

√ print and check online at the same time to prevent duplicate barcode printing, 100% zero error

Support one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code and multiple barcode detection at the same time

√ all printed history can be queried and exported to excel

√ bar code automatic shutdown alarm with poor printing quality and unrecognized

√ automatic shutdown alarm for barcode number with duplicate number, missing number and wrong number not within the set range

√ with voice alarm prompt and automatic shutdown function

√ capable of simultaneous networking detection of multiple hosts

Mark abnormal barcode. When the scanned barcode does not conform to the rules, the system will mark it and stop alarming.

Check the duplicate number: when the duplicate number appears, the system will display it repeatedly, with voice and text alarms, and filter it out.

√ leak check No.: the system will automatically judge whether the scanned serial number is continuous according to the set flow range at the beginning. If there is a leak, the system will automatically shut down and alarm and record.